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                                             WELCOME TO XMG

  XMG has been active since Origin was created.  We are one of the top 3 guilds on the shard in size and veteran players and govern ourselves in a democratic manner.  XMG has also been a very active guild in the Truth and Honesty alliance since 8/2009, which includes guilds such as KORH, NHC and TEAR making Truth and Honesty clearly the largest alliance on Origin.  XMG prides itself in helping those in need no matter what level of assistance is required as well as recruit from all walks of life.

                                                                                                     -Enjoy your stay


fisherelf, Sep 23, 10 6:32 PM.


Dreamweaver68, Mar 17, 10 2:35 AM.
Posted By EM Molly on March 14, 2010 on Stratics

Entering the studious alchemy shop one early morn, Taryn called out to the girl sitting at the desk surrounded by potions, plants and books. “Caryn, come riding with me, I’m in need of fresh air, mayhaps it will help clear my thoughts in the search for Donal.”

Laughing softly, Caryn put down the mortar she was going to use to grind and mix yet another potion. ” That sounds just to be what I’m in need of as well, my friend.” she replied.

As the two rode, they recanted all that they had been through as they searched for Donal. They played ideas against one another, hoping to pick up a clue perhaps that had been missed. As they rode, the sun climbed higher in the skies. Several miles had they passed as they talked.

“Ahh Taryn, a fresh bubbling brook.”, Caryn exclaimed. “Let’s do stop for a moment for a drink, I fear my throat is dry as this road bed we’ve traveled on.”

The two young women quickly dismounted and led their mounts to the brooks ledge, untethering their animals so as they could drink as well.

Leaning over to cup her hand into the brook, the charm Caryn wore around her neck dangled out from under the neck of her blouse.

Taryn looked at the charm, “I’ve seen that before..but where..?” she thought to herself. Reaching out she touched the charm. A warmth spread through her fingers as she did and a glow pulsed from the charm itself.

Startled Caryn looked up at Taryn wondering what had happened, and why was the charm responding to Taryn’s touch …..

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

quicklight, Mar 13, 10 1:40 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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